As long as I can remember I have loved playing around with colours. Whether it be from colouring as a kid…and an adult 😛 to my interior decorating course and now running my own business as a makeup artist. I love coordinating, emphasizing, designing, and transforming with colour!

I was always encouraged as a child to do what it is I love. I believe my interest with makeup was always there. I remember like most little girls I would play with my mom’s lipsticks. In my mind as a child she seemed to have a million different colours that I just had to try on! Being the fun mom she is she would let me sit there meticulously putting on one colour of lipstick, wiping it off and trying on the next. Before I knew it my lips were stained some shade of red no soap would take off 😛

Being able to channel that inner curiosity to play with makeup today allows me to meet so many beautiful people, allowing me to enhance their beauty with a little makeup to create confidence. Beauty can be seen in many ways but one thing is for sure, and that is it first and foremost comes from within.

Lets get in touch and talk colour!

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